Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro


Manufacturer WOLVERINE
Caliber .308 Win.


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2.5 kg
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Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro

The Robinson Armament XCR carbine was designed by Alex Robinson in 2004 and marketed in 2006. It was created for the SCAR project at the time but the samples supplied to the US Army were never tested for a trivial reason (the samples of the blank firing plug system had been delivered with a slight delay…).
The Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro was then significantly improved over the next 10 years. BGM is fortunate to now be the importer of the 2017 version of this rifle which incorporates all these modifications.
The Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro has many advantages such as the user-removable barrel, ambidextrous controls, adjustable stock, very simple disassembly and maintenance, adjustable gas lock, monolithic construction, compatibility with AR magazines -15 or SR-25 depending on the caliber, a fixed ejector replaceable by the user, etc…
The barrel being easily removable, it is possible to switch from 223 Rem. to the 300 BLK by simply changing the barrel (the breech and the magazines being common between these 2 calibers).
This rifle has fewer parts than its 2 main piston competitors.

Main Features:

  • Semi-automatic rifle with delayed opening by borrowing gases operating with a piston system (with short stroke or long stroke depending on the model)
  • As a general rule the pistons of the XCR-L models (223 Rem., 300 BLK) are long stroke and those of the Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro (308 Win.) are short stroke.
  • CMV (chrome-molybdenum-vanadium) steel barrel, phosphates, and hard chrome-plated inside.
  • Threaded barrel in 1/2”x28tpi (223 Rem.) or 5/8”x24Tpi (300 BLK and 308 Win.)
  • The guns have a pitch of 1 turn in 7” for the 223 Rem. and 300 BLK, and 1 turn in 10” for the 308 Win.
  • A2 flash hider for the 223 Rem. and 3-chamber compensator for the 308 Win.
  • Adjustable gas fret to adapt to the ammunition and/or the presence of a suppressor.
  • Aeronautical aluminum frame type 7075T6 forged then machined.
  • Cylinder head box machined in aeronautical aluminum type 7075T6.
  • Hand-guard integrated into the breech box with attachment system for KeyMod accessories.
  • Upper Picatinny rail machined in the mass of the receiver and the hand-guard
  • The carcass and the receiver have a type III anodisation.
  • Sand versions are coated with Cerakote (ceramic-based baked paint).
  • Replaceable socket deflector.
  • Fixed ejector replaceable by the user (fixed because it is not on the breech).
  • Originally fitted dimple trigger.
  • Ambidextrous safety with reduced travel (right side easily removable if necessary).
  • Ambidextrous bolt catch.
  • Ambidextrous magazine pusher.
  • The cocking lever remains fixed: it does not follow the breech during firing.
  • The cocking lever has a closing assistance function in the event of excessive fouling.
  • Ball sling anchor for 1 point sling.
  • Fixed stock adjustable in length.
  • The buttstock features a clamping knob to eliminate functional play.
  • The stock has a removable cheek piece with 2 or 3 positions (2 or 3 heights) depending on the model.
  • A2 pistol grip (the photo is not contractual).
  • The XCR-Ls in 223 Rem. and 300 BLK accept magazines from the AR-15.
  • The XCR-Ms in 308 Win. accept M110 and SR-25 magazines (including those manufactured by Magpul).
  • Weight: from 2.5 kg (Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro in 7.5”) to 4.5 kg (XCR-M Standard in 18.6”)
  • Total length: from 610mm (XCR-L Micro in 7.5″) to 940mm (XCR-M Standard in 18.6”)
  • Delivered with folding sights.
  • Delivered in a case with a charger.
  • Made entirely in the USA.
  • Note: following the new regulations, this model is now equipped with a fixed stock (adjustable in length) to exceed the minimum length of 60cm imposed for long guns.


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