Comes with makers hard case, Blaser gun socks, extra spare parts and owners manual.
Adjustable trigger + key
32″ Floating Barrel with weights – 15 1/2″ Adjustable Monte Carlo Stock and spare extended butt pad and spacer. – 3″ Chamber – 9lbs – Adjustable Rib
Multi Choke: Comes with 10 extended Briley chokes and key


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BLASER F3 SUPER TRAP 12GA 32″.  Same Stock and Fore-end available in 28GA, 20GA, or .410GA.  Grade 5 wood. 

The F3 Supersport is the specialist choice for F.I.T.A.S.C., English, and American Sporting shooters and is also becoming an increasingly popular choice for successful Olympic Trap competitors. By raising or lowering the adjustable rib, it can be precisely configured to an individual shooter’s requirements.  

Blaser F3 trigger: The F3 trigger transforms your thought impulse into ignition within a millisecond of time. But why is this lock time so critical in shooting? The shorter the lock time the more accurate the shot will be. Along with the fast lock time you must have optimal trigger control. The F3 trigger breaks as crisp as glass at 1,400g with an extremely short length of travel. This ideal combination allows the shooter to realize his full potential without any delay in firing the shot. The barrel selector is conveniently located in front of the trigger and is marked for identification. The purely mechanical selective single trigger operates independent of recoil. The trigger blade can be adjusted for a customized length of pull to insure ideal finger placement. 

 Blaser EBS® – Ejection Ball System: Whether or not you hit your target is decided before you even mount your shotgun. Smooth movements controlled by intuition and precise mechanical operations are the keys to success. The entire process starts when closing the shotgun. Conventional ejector systems cock their ejector springs when the gun is closed, which leads to increased resistance and weak ejection over time. This resistance interferes with the smooth flow of movements and disturbs the shooter’s concentration. The EBS. system activates the ejectors when a shot is fired and cocks them when opening the gun. The ejector springs are always decocked when the gun is stored in order to prevent spring fatigue. Resistance when closing the gun is always kept to a minimum, whether the ejectors were previously activated or not. 

In competition the Blaser F3’s technical superiority will outperform all others. When hunting, the F3’s outstanding into pointability and balance will be more than a match for any game. Regardless of the setting, Blaser’s shotgun for champions brings new meaning to intuitive shooting through ergonomics and technology.


  • 12ga 3″ Chambering
  • RH Oriented Stock
  • Basic Black Design with Gold-Colored F3 Logo
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Adjustable Rib
  • Supertrap Monte Carlo Buttstock
  • Supertrap Fore-end
  • Kickeez Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Factory 32″ Barrel Length (Factory-set to “Figure 8” pattern)
  • Front and Mid- Bead For Enhanced Sighting
  • Barrel Balancer
  • Stock Blanancer
  • 5 Wood Grade

Hi-tech, precision crafted, high performance, unique design and high class are what set Blaser apart.


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